Caring For Your Jewelry

Thank you for visiting the caring for your jewelry section our website. We decided to make this information accessible to anyone and everyone.

Bellow are a few quick tips on keeping your brass, copper & silver pieces nice and clean.

As you may notice copper and brass will naturally tarnish over time. Its normal for these metals to oxidize. To return the metals to its bright and shiny state rub some fine steel wool or very fine sand paper to your brass or copper jewelry to restore the shine.

Greening the greening on your skin from wearing copper jewelry is normal. It is one of the perks of wearing copper jewelry. Copper naturally reacts with our salty skin, turning your skin green. The greening is not harmful and this doesn't mean that the material is cheap. Use a lemon paste or dawn soap to remove the greening around your finger.

Lemon juice can also restore the shine on your silver pieces, squeeze some lemon juice and mix some baking soda to create a nice thick paste, rub your jewelry with the lemon paste and polishing cloth & dry throughly. 

We ship our pieces in Kraft boxes along with a cotton bag, we hope you can use these to store your jewelry!