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These boob threaders were inspired by Hire's song Woman come first.

Most of the time when I'm working at home and creating jewelry I play music that inspires me and over all makes me feel good. Here is a short part of her song so you guys can get an idea of how these earrings came to life!

"A woman comes first now that's a truth we must enable
You better understand before you sit down at my table
if you try to build a world without her it's not going to work
So give it up to the women & sisters that were with you at your birth
Balance, creation, sweet givers of life
I know you feel this feminine energy on the Rize
always giving, living, loving and never expecting nothing
the light we're bringing and singing to show you that a Woman comes first."

You will receive two threaders. I don't recommend these earrings for freshly pierced ear's because the gauge of this metal is a bit thick.

Each earring will be made-to-order, expect a slight variation in every pair.

Made-to-order pieces will take about 1 week to make and ship.

Material: Bronze & Silver

Size: (length) about 1 inch

Gauge: 18g