FAQ + Jewelry care

FAQ + Jewelry care

Our electroformed jewelry is made with up cycled and recycled telephone + electrical wire. 

Copper jewelry can react to peoples skins differently we offer copper ring sample sets in our shop for you to try and wear at home before committing to one of our rings!

Copper can often leave a green ting around your finger but can be easily removed with soap and water. 

The greening of the skin doesn't mean that the material or metal is cheap. I feel like base metals like brass and copper are often unappreciated. Its been noted that the more often you wear your jewelry the brighter the metal will stay. The oils in your skin naturally polish the metal. That's why its considered a living metal, often reacting to the changes around it. If copper is not something that you're fond of it may be that our copper jewelry is not right for you at the time. 

All copper jewelry is left unsealed from any clear lacquer or polish unless otherwise stated.

Black Rings

Before placing an order for our matt black rings please take into consideration that the black oxidation around the ring is temporary and will fade in time. We ask that you embrace these changes. 

Silver Jewelry

All sterling silver jewelry is solid 925 sterling silver and 999 fine silver.